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(Drinka Drinka)

cure for my bordem [01 Jan 2006|10:34pm]
[P E O P L E]
1. Best friend? ashlee, ALL The LO GIRLS
2. Best boyfriend/girlfriend? none
3. Lost any friends? unfortunately...
4. Met a new good friend? SO MANY!!! && I Love them ALL

[P L A C E S]
1. Went out of the country? canada!
2. Moved? switched apartmetns at school
3. New school? still GV
4. How many times on an airplane? a few going to miami for the cruize
5. Road trips? UP!!! - not that long of a road trip

[Y O U]
1. Have you changed? more than i'd ever imagined
2. New look? not really
3. Any new additions? nope
4. Biggest conflict this year? crazy friendships with boys and they girlfriends turned bad
5. Most depressed time this year? i try and stay positive but i guess when my grandpa was dying, or when pat died (more worried for friends at that time)

[L O V E]
1. Did you fall in love? nope
2. Who was your summer love? not worth discussing
3. How many people did you kiss? 2
4. Favorite boyfriend? none
5. Favorite date? hmmm... i'd say red lobster, or movies. (if those were dates)

[S E A S O N S]
1. Favorite Season? winter
2. Good birthday?awesome! hung out with new friends
3. Any snow this year? yes!!! and lots of fun playing in it
4. Highest temperature? no idea

[F I N A L Q U E S T I O N S]
1. Snuck out and with who? ashlee and i snuck out of our apartment... haha but no one cares.
2. Met a person who changed your life? ashlee!
3. Kept your resolution? probably not...
4. Had a first something? lots
5. Drank Alcohol? yes, not so much towards the end of the year
6. Smoked weed/drugs? nope
7. Did anything illegal? ummm i dont know...
8. Kissed a boy/girl? yes
9. Liked someone who didn't like you? that seems to happen a lot
10. Changed your view on things? more than ever...


1. Did you have a new year's resolution this year? im sure it didnt last
2. Who kissed you at midnight? no one... :(
3. Does it snow where you live? of course
4. Do you like hot chocolate? NOO
5. Have you ever been to times square to watch the ball drop?no someday...

1. who was your valentine in 2005? myself!
2. what did your valentine get you? lots of awesome stuff like always
3. when you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class? of course!

1. are you Irish? YES!!
2. what did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2005? went bowling with the roomies
1. Do you like the rain? LOVE IT
2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year? ummm i think so but i forget what...
3. do you get tons of candy on easter? nope

1. What's your favorite kind of flower? daises
3. Do you like the spring? yes
4. Finish the phrase: April showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring? people
5. What would you think of as a spring color? pink

1. What year did/will you graduate from school? 2003
2. Did you go to any parties? yea, beach parties, boating, hot tubbing
3. Did you go on any vacations last June? no

1. What did you do on the 4th of July? fireworks with jess, then crazy stuff went down
2. do you go on any vacations during this month? just spent it with my grandpa

1. did you do anything special to end off your summer? no
2. what was your favorite summer memory of '05? late nights with friends... getting stuck in Lake Orion when the boat wouldn't work at 2 a.m... cayaking on Lake Orion with friends :)
3. do you go swimming a lot in the summer? DUH!!
4. do you go to the beach a lot? not a lot

1. Did you attend school/college in '05? YEs, love it!
2. who is/was your favorite teacher? all CJ profs
3. do you like fall better than summer? yes!!

1. what was your favorite halloween costume ever? hmm... toothpaste??
2. what's your favorite candy? reeses
3. what did you dress up like this year? superman
4. who did you go trick-or-treating with? had night class that night, but of course i dressed up

1. whose house do you usually go to for thanksgiving? it's different every year
2. Do you like stuffing? no
3. what are you thankful for? my family and friends

1. do you celebrate christmas? yes
2. what do you want this year for christmas? christmas is over.
3.Whats the best present you ever got for christmas? ipod, pistons jersey
4. do you like cold weather? YES!!!
5. How would u rate your 05? sad but wonderful at the same time!!

(Drinka Drinka)

[12 Dec 2005|06:32pm]
Open iTunes to answer the following. Go to your library. Answer, no matter how embarrasing it is.

How many songs: 2001

Sort by song:
First Song: Elton John Candle In the Wind
Last Song: Your Love (L.O.V.E. Reggae mix) Wyclef Jean- 50 First Dates

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: Just Keep Swimming- Finding Nemo 19 seconds
Longest Song: Blind Frail- Jars of Clay 27.15

Sort by artist:
First Song: Tim Rushlow- I can't be your friend
Last Song: You don't have to be alone- Grinch Soundtrack

Sort by album:
First Album: 50 First Dates Soundtrack
Last Album: You do your thing- Montgomrey gentry

Top Five Most Played Songs:
1. King of Spain- Moxy Fruvous
2. Many Tears from now- Andy Six
3. Lifetime- Better than Ezra
4. Such great heights- Iron and Wine
5. How to be dead- Snow Patrol

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Mother- Tori Amos

Find "love," how many songs show up? 113

Find "sex," how many songs show up? 14

Find "death," how many songs show up? 1

(Drinka Drinka)

[19 Aug 2005|01:01pm]
i'm getting ready to peace out LO for another year at school.
in some ways this seems way easier than last year
but in a lot of ways it's so much harder.
this summer has been amazing and i'd just like to thank my friends for that one.
it's been kind of crazy but we've made it through together
and thats something i'll never forget
you all are AMAZING and nothing can ever change that

thanks to everyone who made this summer so memorable.

good luck to everyone at school next year, be sure to come visit me!

(Drinka Drinka)

[15 Jul 2005|01:09pm]
wow its been a long time since an update.

had lots of time off work lately which has been nice
fourth of july was awesome
went to lots of fireworks the whole weekend
had a cookout and hung out with lots of people
cruise was amazing
went to bahamas
someday i want to live there
or i guess i could settle for anything near the ocean

other than that the last few weeks have included:
CCR concert
getting chased and splashed by some drunk in huge puddles in the pine knob parking lot
rode a motorcycle for the first time!
found awesome detroit neon/kroger shirts at salvation army!
a few nights in the hot tub
all star fest at cobo
and lots of other crazy stuff that isnt worth discussing

next weekend was supposed to be camping weekend
then it was going to be traverse city
but nothing worked out
turns out it might just be a night in canada with michelle and christina
unless anyone else wants to join
though as of right now i have the weekend off work with no plans...
maybe i'll just work.

school is comin up
i have sweet plans for my room
and i can't wait to see leea!
i'm planning a trip to GR beginning of august
with a possibility of a few other stops along the way
who knows...

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[25 Jun 2005|09:56pm]
i finally have a day off.
of course there is nothing to do.
i worked 55 hours last week
thankfully only 12 more days till im in the bahamas!

i've decided not to have high hopes for the summer anymore
i thought it would be great and i would see two of my best friends lots.
haven't seen either of them yet, and i don't know when i can.
i tried to see both of them today
that didn't work they both had other plans
and i can't really take anymore time off work

upcoming plans...
cruise july 8th
traverse city??? or somewhere with a lake... july 22nd-24th
michelles cottage july 30th
back to school august 23rd or 24th
i can't wait!

parents are out of town again next weekend
possible pool party for the 4th
gotta see when i work... probably everday
hopefully its warm this time!

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[15 Jun 2005|02:40pm]
pool party at my house tomorrow night...
leave a message or IM me if you want to come
i'll call you when i get out of work then
could be anywhere between 8 and 10ish
and we will have the pistons game on of course
no drinking tho

ive worked the last 4 days
i have to work everday until next thursday for sure
heres the schedule in case you need me
- today: babysit 4/10
- tomorrow: joes 6/?
- friday: joes 6/?
- saturday: karls 4/10
- sunday: karls 4/10
- monday: babysit 7:20/12 and 4/?
- tuesday: babysit 7:30/12 maybe joes at night...
- wednesday: babysit 7:30/12 and 4/ ?
- thursday: babysit 7:30/12 maybe joes at night...
after that i dont know yet
gosh i would just like to have a day off
i want to go see leea and kyle someday soon
i miss them like crazy

pistons won last night
that made me happy
watched the game at my house
i like palace vision so much better

one of these days im going shopping for my cruise
when i have a day off
i found so many cute tops today
only i had no $$$
so once i get $$$ too
then shopping spree
let me know if you want to join!

off to mail a bday present

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[13 Jun 2005|12:40am]
just a little fyi...

i was on tv at palace vision...

along with michelle, christina, melissa, and jenny, with our shirts and thanks to the suite boys for getting the cameras attention with that nice flag!

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[10 Jun 2005|11:52am]
went to palace vision last night
even tho they lost it was still fun
making shirts today for sundays game
i think they are all saying
"save a horse, ride a piston"

worked at joes last night
for a whole 2 hours...
i'm going to make SO much $$ this summer
it's all going to be spent on the cruise
on drinks of course

the pool is amazing this summer
the water is already about 90 degrees
i've been in the last few days
of course i'll be by the pool all day today
even tho i already look like a tomato
thats alright, i can still shower without the sunburn hurting
that means its not as bad as it could be

i just got the biggest smile
LEEA called me.

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[06 Jun 2005|02:27pm]
today is such a beautiful day outside
too bad my house had no power yesterday
so i'm liking the air conditioning right about now
wasn't supposed to work last night
but of course i did
karls had air tho
that was nice.
then about 8:20 it poured and people went running into their cars
the chairs flew into the woods outside
and you couldn't see anything out the windows
couldn't even hear the tornado sirens and it's right across the street
after the storm was over it was nice
no one wanted ice cream

this week i only have tomorrow and friday off
i was hoping to see kyle this week
but i haven't talked to him so thats a negative
next week i might be going to my grandmas
hopefully i get to drive out and see leea
i miss her
and 711
traverse city is starting to get planned
that makes me very happy

i need to go water the flowers
that is my job this summer
along with mowing the lawn
and i take great pride in my flowers
although my mom planted them unevenly
i just make sure they don't die
i hope the pink ones get flowers soon
ok going to water them now

pistons are on tonight
i get done babysitting between 6 and 8
hopefully closer to 6
then pool party
unless i find someone to go to palace vision with
either of those are possibilities

"peace out cub scout"

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[02 Jun 2005|12:51pm]
There are some things that just need to be over... I'm sorry. I thought coming home for the summer nothing at "home" would be the same, but the truth is it is the same, and I'm not... I'm not at all the person I used to be.

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[18 May 2005|11:22pm]

... again because i'm bored ...Collapse )

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[17 May 2005|11:10pm]
+ sooo i've been home for about 3 weeks now.
+ seems like it went so much faster than christmas break.
+ haven't really talked to many people from school which is bad to say, but i guess we'll see.
+ went to a pistons game 2 weeks ago, game 5 of the 1st series.
+ been babysitting a little, working a karls, got another babysitting job (more like housekeeper) + that i'm not going to do.
+ went back to joes crab shack and realized i really did miss that place
+ going on a cruise to bahamas on july 8th, a little excited
+ going to the tigers game with michelle and hopefully some more people thursday afternoon.
+ been playing lots of guitar.
+ don't really do much during the days.
+ can't wait to open the pool.

other than that there really isn't much new, summer is kinda relaxing but i'm sure things will pick up especially in about a month!

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...bored... [17 May 2005|09:47pm]

because i am super boredCollapse )

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[19 Apr 2005|12:04am]
haven't felt this way in a long time...


too bad there is only 2 weeks of school left :(

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[16 Apr 2005|07:02pm]
there are so many things i would rather spend 33$ on...

such as...
+ a new bike
+ new rollerblades
+ disc golf discs
+ another seasons of friends on DVD
+ blinds for my bedroom
+ dairy queen
+ some new clothes
+ new dvd's

pretty much anything other than a stupid overdraft charge for my bank account because i am too lazy to walk to the mailbox and pay my credit card bill and i am too stupid to realize that i need to transfer money to cover it.

on a better note... i went to play disc golf today and it was soo much fun! although not when i saw the snake... but then the ferris boys took care of that for me!
anyone in LO wanna play this summer?? i also wanna learn how to play tennis... anyone else??
too bad i'm going to be working rediculous hours this summer... other than that i'm getting excited...

... sorta.

things i'm going to miss about school: not having to drive to get a lot of places, being able to run along the river and feed the ducks, not having to work, sleeping all the time, and most of all living with and below some of my best friends. tho i am looking forward to next year in south a, and kyle's puppy!

there is a lot that i am not going to miss about this year... but it was worth it!

the next two weeks are going to be rough.

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just a thought... [16 Apr 2005|01:29am]
* friends aren't given to us to make life easier... *

thankfully my friends tell me when i am wrong, question me, tell me their opinions yet let me make my own decisions, laugh at me when i do something stupid but defend me when someone else does, tell me the truth even when i don't want to hear it... and mostly thankfully my friends make my life more exciting!

i hope you know i love you.

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i think it's about time... don't you? [15 Apr 2005|11:50pm]
[ mood | calm ]

+ new layout! maybe this will encourage me to update more!

+ school is wonderous right now... not so much, i'm doing decent except for my cultural geography class. my plans for the weekend include studying for that class like none other. only 7 more days!

+ i don't really know if i am excited about the summer or not. i'm just going to be working and babysitting a lot to make lots of $$, but i'm taking lots of road trips too.

+ excited about next year at gv that for sure... my schedule is insane and i applied for a job from 10 at night till 2 in the morning! crazy i know... but i need to do something besides sit around.

+ since i last updated i've been to msu 2 times (definatly some interesting times), and i spent easter at my grandmas with kyle. went to the casino... lost a lot of $$.

+ been busy with schoolwork lately... just had about 5 papers and 4 tests in two weeks, but things have slowed down thankfully... but now i've got to start studying for exams.

+ i'll try and update more, i promise! :)

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[18 Mar 2005|02:42am]

1. X-Men
2. The Craft
3. X2 : xmen united
4. Swimfan
5. Fellowship of the Ring
6. Finding Nemo
5. Peter Pan - not the latest one
8. Home Alone
9. Aladdin
10. The Ring
11. 10 Things I Hate About You
12. Not Another Teen Movie
13. Spiceworld
14. 8 Mile
15. Bambi
16. Pirates of the Carribean
17. Edward Scissorhands
18. Stepmom
19. My Best Friends Wedding
20. 101 Dalmatians
21. Scream
22. Scream 2
23. Scream 3
24. Big Daddy
25. Billy Madison
26. Chamber of Secrets
27. Sorcerers Stone

28. Heartbreakers
29. Dumb & Dumber
30. Cruel Intentions
31. Scary Movie
32. Look Who's Talking
33. Blade
34. Blade II
35. O
36. Titanic
37. Carrie
38. Carrie 2: The Rage
39. Daddy Day Care
40. Legally Blonde
41. Austin Powers
42. Storm of the Century
43. Oliver and Company
44. The Two Towers
45. The Return of the King
46. Mighty Ducks
47. Fast and the Furious
48. 2Fast, 2 Furious
49. A Walk To Remember
50. XXX
51. Beauty and the Beast

52. I Know What You Did Last Summer
53. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
54. Sound of Music
55. Mary Poppins
56. Tuck Everlasting
57. The Patriot
58. The Wizard of Oz
59. TEACHING Ms. Tingle
60. Crossroads
61. Now and Then
62. Pearl Harbor
63. Just Married
64. Cast Away
65. Radio Flyer
66. Final Destination
67. Lady and the Tramp
68. Shallow Hal
69. 40 Days and 40 Nights
70. Bring It On
71. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
72. The Outsiders
73. The Matrix
74. Perfect Storm
75. Austin Powers 2
76. Never Been Kissed
77. Clueless
78. Bruce Almighty
79. Remember the Titans
81. Girl, Interrupted
82. SWAT
83. Sixth Sense
84. PhoneBooth
85. The Lion King
86. Urban Legends
87. Nightflier
88. Lion King 2
89. Little Mermaid
90. American Pie

91. Center Stage
92. Scooby Doo
93. Bedazzled
94. Mrs. Doubtfire
95. Save the Last Dance
96. My Girl
97. American Beauty
98. Romeo & Juliet
99. Lost World
100. Casper


wow... 42 out of 100... better than i thought.

happy st. patricks day.  i didn't do much all day, piston died, i did homework, slept a while because i has a huge headache, went to get ice cream with some of the roomies, hung out... then i did some more homework while watching friends, tony wanted to hang out and i really wanted to but it was super late, so maybe another time. i get to go see the apartment i will probably live in tomorrow, hopefully its cool. then im going with kyle out to lansing and im going to see the girls this weekend, i can't wait! :) i miss them soo much. 

and its almost 3 a.m... i think its time for bed. 

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[11 Mar 2005|04:33pm]
wow... i need to start updating in here again...

spring break was very uneventful.
babysat way too much but at least i got a little bit of $$ going back to school for a change.
looked into some apartments off campus next year with renee.
getting a little excited about next year.
hopefully we can live in the same complex as kyle and pat, that would be fun.
didn't get much homework done.
9th season of friends came out.
ladder 49 came out.
i bought both.
didn't talk to anyone from school except kyle all break.
well jessica, but she's from LO.
thought about some a lot, but i think it might be for the wrong reasons.
quite confused about lots of stuff right now.
don't really want to go back to school.
i've got a long week ahead of me.
but stacey might come visit this weekend! :)

hope you enjoyed your spring break! :)

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[19 Feb 2005|12:39pm]
I am painting my room at home over spring break and on one wall I am going to paint song lyrics... just wondering what some of you're favorites are and who sings them! Thanks!

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